This is the first documentary film of Mel Ve, which premiered in Amsterdam on 30 January 2010, as part of the Amsterdam Fringe Film Festival.


This coming of age piece, follows the journey of Mel Ve in her early days as an independent media Journalist, when Mel was going through her awakening process and journey of discovery of the true nature of reality. What was interesting to note about the people who came into Mel Ve’s path during this journey, was that they were all relatively unconnected, and yet, there was a common thread of truth running through all of the information and interviews conducted by Mel Ve.
This film is a Message for all those waking up, or on the path f awakening, and concludes with the most important message of all, being of love and collaboration.
The Message stars Project Avalon’s Bill Ryan, David Icke, Patricial Cori, Charlie Veitch and the Love Police, Marcel Messing and ….., with commentary by Mel Ve at various interludes.