This documentary is intended as an introduction to Mel Ve’s greater body of work entitled DRAGONOLOGY.


Born in the Year of the Fire Dragon, Mel Ve’s daring and in-depth exploration into the Dragon Cult and the mythology pertaining to dragons in various cultures, takes the would be seeker on an adventure of discovery of the true nature of our reality. 

CHASING THE DRAGON introduces us to the concept of Dragon Etymology, proving beyond doubt the draconian nature of our language and the ontological construct that is the Matrix.

Mel Ve briefly explores various cultural mythologies, drawing comparisons between the similarities of seemingly unconnected cultures and mythologies from across the world.

These films create a wonderful caveat into the more detailed exploration of the origins of humanity and our modern day CULTure.  From more on this, Mel Ve recommends reading her book DRAGONOLOGY book I – SPELL BREAKER.