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It always amazes me just how mainstream education and media have gone to great lengths to push the pharmaceutical narrative, rather than giving homage to ancient remedies that have been around for thousands of years. Probably one of our most versatile holistic product renderings, there is still a vast lack of knowledge about this amazingly effective ancient remedy, which should be in every home, if not, every handbag.

Through many occasions of emergency, I have come to know the power of this amazing remedy, which can be used to treat any infection on the body, both internal and external. I also use it as a natural way of vaccinating my pets, by pouring the clear and relatively tasteless elixir, into their drinking water. Regular consumption helps to protect animals from infections and many diseases. It is safe to use on animals and children, and is easily consumed due to the fact that it is tasteless.
As I make lots of produce that works with bacterial cultures, I use LUNAR SILVER to sterilize my kitchen surfaces with a safe, non-toxic sanitizer.


To put it simply, it is silver particles suspended in water. Based on an ancient alchemical formula, LUNAR SILVER is a solution of pure or distilled water, into which pure silver has been dissolved through a process of electrolysis. This electrolytic process is conducted only on full moons, using a numerical formula that is divisible by 3. The bigger and closer the moon is, the more silver dissolves into the water, hence why the three annual Super Moons render the most concentrated batches of LUNAR SILVER.


HYGIENE | LUNAR SILVER is a non-toxic, broad-spectrum elixir, and it can be used for multiple hygiene purposes. Put LUNAR SILVER into a spray bottle, and use it to spray on counters, work surfaces, windows, desks, shelves, in fact, any area that we are constantly touching.

HAND SANITISER | LUNAR SILVER makes an efficient and easy to use hand sanitizer, as it kills 95% of harmful germs and pathogenic organisms. It works better than Alcohol bases sanitizers, as it coats the skin and the silver particles stay there once the skin dries, keeping the hands protected until washed. Furthermore, unlike alcohol-based hand sanitizers, LUNAR SILVER does not dehydrate the skin.

INTERNAL USAGE | LUNAR SILVER is safe enough to be consumed orally and can be used to treat a broad spectrum of internal infections and afflictions, and it more effective than pharmaceutical antibiotics. Use in the treatment of any internal infection such as bladder infection, kidney infection, throat infection but to name a few. Effective in treating Tick Bite Fever, fungus, Athlete’s Foot, Conjunctivitis, and Candida, but to name a few.

PETS | LUNAR SILVER is a natural and effective way of keeping your animals healthy and pathogenic disease-free, by pouring the clear and relatively tasteless elixir, into their drinking water. Regular consumption of LUNAR SILVER helps to protect animals from infections and many diseases.

SAFE USAGE | LUNAR SILVER is incredibly effective whilst having the added effect of being very mild. It is safe to use on babies, breastfeeding mothers, pets, children everything in between.

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